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Zinke And The Honest Man

It is now old news that Ryan Zinke, Trump’s former Interior Secretary, has had to leave office after several…shall we say?…interesting accusations of corruption and malfeasance. And, of course, there is nothing surprising in that any more. If you are in the Trump Administration, you are probably corrupt. That is just the nature of the beast.

But you wonder, could there be, somewhere, behind some desk, hidden from view, one honest man or woman in 45’s Administration? Could there be, maybe, just perhaps, one decent human being in the whole bunch? Trying desperately to keep his or her innocence in the midst of the great dismal swamp which is the current White House?

There is no way to tell, but it would make for a terrific fiction, don’t you think? A novel, perhaps. Or a film. And the title? The Last Moral Man In Arlington. Sure to be a hit. Might even be a classic.

As a story…terrific.

But if it is a reality…not so much. Because imagine the suffering of such an individual.

To be pure in an age of such utter corruption…

It would be hell.