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Zero Tolerance & Prolife

Trump is backed by all sorts of interesting people, including many who say they are “prolife,” i.e., very fond of children…at least before they’re born. After that, the little slackers are on their own.

But, the point is, you’d think that pro-lifer’s concern for the wellbeing of the unborn would extend to those unborn people and their mothers who are in custody. But, apparently, that’s not the case, at least not as far as Trump’s concentration camps on the border are concerned. Writing in Buzzfeed recently, Ema O’Connor and Nidhi Prakash report that pregnant women who’ve been send to those camps are sometimes suffering from miscarriages. (And while they don’t say this, you do have to sort of wonder if the women would have miscarried if they’d had proper medical treatment, but we don’t know for sure.)

Then, though, those women are denied even the most basic medical care. They are, in other words, ignored. Their physical and mental health suffers accordingly.

But, guess what? Not a single prolifer …usually so active, at least as long as the action involves gunning down doctors and firebombing abortion clinics… has said a God damned thing about it.

Lovely. Just lovely. So glad that being pro-life does not extend to actually doing anything, you know, to make life possible or healthy.