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Youtube’s Vulnerable To Bigots

From the Oh Hell category…

There’s a disturbing article over on Vanity Fair this week on why Youtube is particularly vulnerable to the hate-filled Right. Maya Kosoff, in Why the Right’s Dark-Web Trolls Are Taking Over YouTube, notes that Youtube (along with Twitter) is uniquely vulnerable to Nazis and Racists because it was basically set up to reward “shock value,” or, more precisely, to reward videos that generated strong responses.

Now Youtube is trying to figure out how to rewrite its algorithms so that inoffensive but high viewership videos are rewarded while racist offerings are not. Let’s hope that Silicon Valley’s elites are up to the challenge.

One hopeful note. Inforwar’s Alex Jones is, reportedly, very close to getting banned from Youtube for his conspiracy-mongering after Parkland. Let’s all cross our fingers and wish that he goes down fast and hard, and very soon.

NW Dvořák