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Yes to a Virtual Wall

Physical boundaries such as walls were so last century’s security crisis.  We’ve evolved now to the point that the real threat is now virtual contact.  China or Russia don’t have to be physically near us to be the real threat.

Small groups of people used to be able to fend off an entire army by going into caves where only one person could pass at a time.  Even though they may have had a massive army coming at them, they essentially reduced the bandwidth of what externally was let in until it was a manageable number.

Something like foreign political memes and other propaganda need to have a crypto source origin.  Even political comments on social media could have a crypto source origin.  That way if a source such as Russia is mass producing politically charged propaganda ads, if needed, large blocks of propaganda can be deleted very easily.  They can hire all the people they want to create the propaganda but if none or very little of it gets through then it won’t be near as effective.  We do have a right to a domestic election free of foreign influence.

The social media companies used the last presidential election to earn Russian rubles.  Well this next time around if they let any Russian or any other hostile country’s political ads in they should be fined heavily by quantity.  They are the technology company they can figure it out.  Now, this time if they just want to play dumb and let everything slide in it should financially hit them in the pocket and not fill their pocket.  I foresee a future where if what happened in 2016 presidential election happened again by quantity with foreign attack ads and propaganda that that even a large company like Facebook would be fined so heavily that they will be bankrupted and owners will lose all equity they own.  Then someone more responsible could be put in charge.  Their pocket books need to be aligned with American interests.

A source origin could also be used to identify other fake news sources.  If a single source becomes known for producing large amounts of fake news or other propaganda we should have the ability to delete it all quickly.  They can produce it, but we aren’t required to accept it.

If the American government spent even a fraction of the amount they spend from the black budget on spying on American citizens that pose no danger as they do monitoring foreign political involvement then we wouldn’t be in the problem we are right now with Trump.

I think Trump deserves an asterisk behind his name as in Trump* or 45th President*.

 Hopefully, he will then be the last American President that needs an asterisk behind his/her name.  Then Trump* will truly have something special to call all his very own, an asterisk immortalizing his illegitimacy.

* Illegitimatly elected through Russian interference

Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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