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Yellow Vests Join Forces With Police?

The Yellow Vest protests (or riots) continue unabated. They’ve spread for France to other countries–as far away, in fact, as¬†Taiwan. Though what we are to make of them continues to be something of a mystery. Both the American Left and Right have tried to claim them. Trump and his followers see them as fellow anti-tax activists, while progressives hope they are a model for Americans who may, someday, go into the streets.

But what could negate both interpretations is that, according to Newsweek, now French police unions are threatening to join the rebellion. The police have logged countless hours of overtime dealing with the Yellow Vest, and so far haven’t been paid for it. And so, in keeping with French tradition going back going back to 1789, the enforcers or order are considering joining the revolutionaries.

If that happens, then the Yellow Vest look less like an anti-tax/anti-immigrant movement and more like a labor union movement. By like token, though, by joining hands with the police, the Yellow Jackets don’t seem so much the progressive, anti-authoritarian movement that they seemed before.

Either way, though, the Yellow Vests are looking more and more like a revolution–though whether from the Left or the Right, or neither, is going to provide work for historians and social scientists for years to come.