Xmas Gifts: Hope For 2018 - Liberal Resistance

Xmas Gifts: Hope For 2018

It has been a hell of a year for all of us in the Anti-Trump (i.e., rational and sane) camp, but there is some hope to be had. Evidence? There are a few excellent articles floating around the web at the moment that offer a great look ahead and explore how things may, finally, be starting to turn our way.

First, if you haven’t seen it, go read A Year of Resistance—and Why I’m Hopeful for 2018 by the talented Rachel Cleetus, the lead economist and climate policy manager for the Union of Concerned Scientists (you remember scientists, don’t you? They’re the people Trump and the Oligarchs hate for suggesting that they aren’t God.)

In any case, Cleetus does a month-by-month roundup of protests and political action in 2017, and explains why 2018 may be a good deal happier for us. She concludes, “The wins may not come easily and there’s a lot of work ahead. This administration’s attacks on science and our core values will very likely continue. But they are helping to forge our resistance and build its power.”

Second, there’s another lovely piece over at The Washington Post, I’ve never loved my country more, by Ruth Marcus. In it, Marcus looks at how Drumpf has alienated her from the presidency, but made her see the power and dignity of the nation that is doing its best to fight back against the Fascists and Plutocrats. Give it a read when you get a chance.

Finally, also over at the Post, Jennifer Rubin, one of the paper’s rare but valuable conservatives, offers Trump has plenty to fear from voters in 2018. She argues that he has alienated so many voters, both without and within his core group of supporters, that he could seriously suffer in the midterms and beyond. Let’s hope Santa delivers on that one. And, more importantly, let’s help the Jolly Old Elf along by getting out the vote.