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WSJ: tRump Wanted USS John McCain Invisible

News outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, are reporting that during his recent trip to Japan, tRump wanted the American warship, USS John McCain, “Out Of Sight,” so as not to remind him of his old rival. Further, crew members from the ship were decidedly un-invited to events at which our alleged commander-in-chief was to be present.

Since the story became public, the White House has said that tRump didn’t order the temporary vaporization of the ship, but that an unnamed person “with good intentions” did so in order not to offend the president. Possibly this was a person in the Navy, or perhaps from the White House staff. As of press time, it wasn’t clear.

Either way, though, you have to feel that tRump is showing all the behaviors of a classic morbid narcissist. The question, then, is how dangerous is that narcissism to the nation and the world?