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WordPress Folks Buy Tumblr

So much for moralizing prudes.

Tumblr, the blogging platform that was burning up the track until it was acquired by Yahoo, has once more been sold, this time to Automattic Inc., the folks who do the WordPress online publishing tool. (The present author is using WordPress to write this piece.) The sale is reportedly at bargain basement prices, maybe as low as $3 million, and certainly no more than $10 million.

This is a stunning fall from grace for Tumblr. Yahoo bought it for no less than $1.1 billion.

What on earth could cause Tumblr’s devaluation? Apparently, Yahoo did…and then Verizon, which had acquired Yahoo. The two companies seemed to have widely alienated users. Most recently, this included blanket deletions of “adult” material, with a fairly arbitrary definition of what was considered “adult.”

What will Automattic do with Tumblr? Hard to say. The company has traditionally sold space on its servers to WordPress-using bloggers. Tumblr, by contrast, is free to use by anyone. There could be a problem in there someplace.