If you can’t march in the Women’s March, don’t worry. Join the Women’s March Phone-In!

Call Bank of America/Merrill Edge to pressure Congress to meet our demands

In Fresno, call Bank of America 3790 N Blackstone Ave (559) 445-7722 continuously, help block their phones and impact their business. Call the branch nearest you, shut them down from Fresno to Florida.

Social Network, organize the base to call in solidarity. Go viral, active activists in cities around the globe to call Merrill Edge, block their phones and shut them down from New York to London to Moscow.

Demonstrate out front and turn customers away. Start a run on the bank, put growing economic pressure on Bank of America to convince them to convince Congress to meet our demands.

Call by the thousands and give Trump-Republicans in Congress a choice. They can impeach Trump, or thousands of callers will become millions of callers. Congress will meet our demands, or Congress will lose Bank of America and face the fallout from a financial crisis on Wall Street.

Congress cannot afford to lose Bank of America

The way to speak to those in power is from a position of power. Calling together in solidarity, we can impose sanctions on Bank of America and force Congress to meet our demands. Shut down Bank of America, and we can negotiate from a position of advantage.

Join the Women’s March Phone-In. Use your phone to peacefully and safely call Bank of America, cripple their communications, deny them service, disrupt their cash flow, undermine consumer confidence, and set off a run on the bank. Impose sanctions on Bank of America/Merrill Lynch until Congress gets the message and meets our demands.

Our government is based on the Consent of the Governed… and we do not consent. 

Marc Keyser