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Will David Hogg be the death of Fox News?

by Marc Keyser, TheResisance.Blog@ogkeyser

Parkland Student David Hogg called for a boycott of Fox News advertisers in response to the vicious attacks on him and the anti-NRA movement. Fox is determined to keep right-wing-extremist Laura Ingraham on the air. Apparently, losing millions of dollars in advertising revenue is not convincing enough. We need to see that Fox News loses more money…a lot more money!

Laura Ingraham is taking the week off after Tweeting personal insults against young David Hogg, a teenage victim of the Parkland High school shooting that left 17 dead and 15 wounded.

Ingram tweeted: “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.)”

David responded to Ingraham’s bullying by telling his 700,000 Tweeter followers to tweet Ingraham’s advertisers and tell them to cancel their advertising. In three days, 12 companies pulled their advertising costing Fox News millions of dollars in lost revenue and creating a crisis at Fox News.

Fox News is taking a though stand — no surrender on Laura Ingraham.

In a bold statement, Fox News vowed not to knuckle under to the campaign against Ingraham and her advertisers. But then that was what Fox News said just before their fired Bill O’Reilly over sexual misconduct charges.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Fox News Co-President Jack Abernethy wrote.

The bad news keeps coming for Fox News host Laura Ingraham even while she’s on vacation: Another sponsor has reportedly dropped her show. Ace Hardware will no longer advertise on “The Ingraham Angle”.

As of 4/5/18, the count is 19 advertisers have abandoned ship. They have seen the writing on the wall; and they don’t want their corporations contaminated by the plague aboard Fox News.

We have news for Fox News.

We have only begun to “intimidate” advertisers. We don’t want to see Ingraham’s face on Fox News along with all the other Fox News Liars.

Fox News would be wise to get rid of all these Nazi propagandists promoting Donald Trump’s agenda… before Fox News continues to lose enough advertising revenue to go bankrupt.

We need to take the boycott to a whole new level.

We need to go beyond flooding Fox advertiser with tweets and start flood their phones with complaints. Instead of a tweet storm, we need a Phone Protest.

We must do to Fox News what Parkland students did to First National Bank of Omaha. They called together and jammed the phones and disrupted business at the bank. It only took some 4,000 calls a day for the bank to surrendered and sever ties with the NRA in under ten days… Why did the bank throw the NRA overboard? Because they didn’t want to go bankrupt.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has publicly declared support for Fox News.

In a tweet, Lindell bragged, “I did not take my advertising down from @IngrahamAngle and @FoxNews, nor do I intend to. @seanhannity.”

Over 800,000 Parkland supporters marched on Washington. We only need 100,000 die-hard complainers on the phones calling My Pillow day after day choking off their communications and disrupting the business internally until they can no longer afford to advertise on Fox News… and they sincerely and humbly and publicly apologize to David Hogg and all the Parkland survivors and the American people. Then we keep going down the list of holdouts until enough advertisers dump Fox News to put them out of business.

This is America not Nazi Germany.

We will not tolerate Trump propagandists at Fox News on our Public Air ways spewing their hate-filled propaganda. We need to be calling Fox News to repentance and save these race-baiting reprobates from the fires of eternal damnation.

We need to go nuclear on Fox News and make an example of My Pillow to show other companies the land mines they risk stepping on when they advertise with Fox News. Support Fox News with your advertising and your business could blow up in your face.

Block their phones with calls, and we are in power.

With 100,000 hard-core Complainers occupying the phones, we are in control. We are in a position of advantage to dictate the terms of surrender. Fox News will meet our demands, or they can face public humiliation and financial ruin.

Will young David finish what he started?

Will David Hogg take this as a win and walk away? Or will he lead the Resistance and put a stop to the propaganda at Fox News? Will David call for a Phone Protest against Fox News the way Parkland Students did against First National Bank of Omaha? Will young David rise to the challenge and lead us to a resounding victory over Fox News?

Show Fox News what 100,000 complainers armed with smartphones can do to their advertising income when we put a block on their phones, the protest goes viral.

But are we prepared to take up our smartphones and take on Fox News? Are we willing to go from tweeting advertisers to making phone calls on a scale large enough to bury them alive in millions of complaints and block their phones? Are we ready to stand with the Parkland Students in their campaign for common-sense gun control? Are we outraged enough to put an end to Fox News operating as a propaganda machine for the Trump regime?

This is not just about Laura Ingraham and her nasty little tweet. This is about Fox News and their vile Nazi propagandists aiding and abetting the Trump takeover of America. This is about taking Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends off our public airways, but it is also about sending a message to Congress to pass sensible gun control and impeach President Trump. This is about saving Democracy from this insane, race-baiting, lying despot occupying the White House and getting rid of the liars at Fox News working to keep the nation divided and Trump in power.

We need to fight the war against Fox News by phone on the battle field where we have the advantage.

We need to go virtual reality on Fox News and protest by phone in the telecommunication network. We need not protest as much as complain on the phones where we are free from riot police and tear gas, intimidation and restraints. There is no age limit on who can call and how may complaints they can make per day. There are no limits on how many people can join in calling… and the calls are virtually free.

When we weaponize our smartphones to call and complain, the calls cost us virtually nothing. When we march on the phones and not in the streets, we are an invisible army than can pass through the gates and over the walls. When we use our smartphones to social network and take the protest viral, we are invisible and invincible.

When we communicate with Fox News advertisers by phone, we have the numbers; we can block their phones; we can deny them service. We can take control of their communications. We have the power, and we will dictate their terms of surrender.

A non-violent-mass-complaint attack on Fox News advertisers… starting with Mr. Lindell and his MyPillow company.

Advertisers like MyPillow are cash cows for Fox News, we need to convince them that it’s in their best interest and for the good of nation that they cease advertising and stop supporting the foul corruption of the vile racists propaganda Fox dishes out as news.

When we protest by phone, we in a position to choose the time and the place to make our calls and social network to spread the word. The calls are free for us and bloody costly for MyPillow.

Mr. Lindell is a Trump fan, perhaps that’s because he is TV huckster, a scam artist selling hyped-up TV crap… like “Trump Steaks”. Lindell will drop Fox News, or Lindell will be awake nights with his head on one of his pillows in a cold sweat with dreams of drowning in a tsunami wave of millions of angry protesters calling and the phones at his business ringing in his head. Instead of counting sheep, Lindell can count his losses and have nightmares about going bankrupt.

Call MyPillow in solidarity, block their phones with countless complaints, disrupt business and send a clear message to other corporations foolish enough to advertise with Fox News. Get out, get out now, don’t wait until a growing mob of complainers is crippling your corporation’s communications.

                              CALL 1-800-544-8939

Join the 100,000 Complainers

Call My Pillow and block their phones with complaints, deny them service with complaints, disrupt their business with complaints.

My Pillow will drop Fox News, or Mr. Lindell may be awake nights with his head on one of his little pillows in a cold sweat dreaming of drowning in a tsunami of millions of angry protesters calling to block his phones and visiting his website to crash the servers. His ears may be filled with the sound of phones ringing off the hook. Instead of counting sheep, the poor man can count his losses and have nightmares about going bankrupt.

This is a win, win, win….

MyPillow won’t be advertising on Fox News, that’s a win

Fox News will fire Fox liars Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends, that’s a win.

Fox News will do it- not because it’s the right thing to do- but because we told them to do it. Or we will make America great again by making America a No Fox Zone like it was back in the day when America was great. That’s a win.