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Why the Republicans are Scared Shitless

So over the last few weeks we’ve learned about Republicans destroying ballots, trying to sabotage an incoming Governor in Wisconsin. I’ve also read more about Republican gerrymandering of districts, and about voter suppression and Civil Rights violations going on in Georgia.  It seems Republicans are currently up to more sleazy tactics than the usual.

Just think about it for a moment.  No self-respecting woman, self-respecting African American,  self-respecting Latino, or self-respecting LGBTQ member would actually support a current Republican platform.  That doesn’t leave them with a very large base. Especially when you consider women alone are slightly over 50% of the population.  While they always want to claim they are the “moral majority” they are neither moral nor a majority.  They have just become increasingly loud and brazen as their numbers have dwindled.


Republicans are extremely hypocritical and engage in psychological abuse all the time. They talk about how they support the military, but then they hate the piece of shit veteran than was “weak” and developed PTSD.  The tell women how precious any baby inside them is until it is born and then they hate on whore-bitch for having a bastard they can’t support out of wedlock.  They even blame victims of gun violence.  They claim we live in a “free society” but as soon as there’s a mass shooting suddenly those people had it coming… they shouldn’t have been out in public like that… they should have known better than to try and see a movie.  From what I’ve observed Republicans really do have antiquated and regressive thought processes on society.  Based on how they treat people it is very apparent to me that they still see women as objects with “pussies to grab”, they still see African Americans as “niggers”, gay people as “faggots”, and Latinos as “spics”.  It seems to me it is very obvious through their actions they only care about power, money, and control. Doing what is right factors in no where in their thought process.  Maybe all that Russian money that was coming in through the NRA has permanently warped their sensibilities.  It has certainly infiltrated their culture.  There is nothing about them that is American anymore.  They don’t even believe everyone should be allowed to vote or that the public’s opinion should have any impact on their law making (which are usually just personal money making ventures anymore).

So why are they pulling out all the stops right now?  I can only hope it is because they see the writing on the wall and realize the cat is about ready to get out of the bag.  Once the cat is out of the bag it will be almost impossible to put it back in.  It is clear they have no desire for democracy and have disdain for actual public opinion.  They still see themselves as the all powerful in their entitled ivory towers and gold plated penthouses.  They would simply rather illegally close polling stations to violate civil rights in minority neighborhoods than actually truly measure public opinion. 

Anyway, to my point.  The heart and core of the issue is they don’t want to represent the interests of the people at large.  The reality is they do not have the backs of the actual people nor do they represent the actual people that make up this country.  They just simply don’t want to represent the actual will of the people–so they shouldn’t be our lawmakers.  They view their personal agenda as far, far more important. To them the public is an inconvenience that gets in the way of their money making.  They only want to represent their own special interest or anything that directly lines their own pocket. 

So for them seeing a larger voter turnout for something like a midterm election is scary.  Its quite possible they have officially gotten so far out of line with their greed that they have permanently melted the apathy toward voting the average American voter has had for decades now.  Americans are slowly learning if they don’t vote they will get absolutely nothing out of society.  The reality is the more people that show up and participate in our democratic process via voting just dumps fuel on the currently ongoing Republican dumpster fire, causes them to take even more desperate and drastic actions, and simply shows how out of touch and despicable they actually are.  

My advice to the American people is don’t let them prevent you from participating with their immoral and illegal tactics, no matter how frustrating those tactics may be.  Use that as fuel and motivation to keep fighting for what is right for you, for your family, and for the American people.  

The reason there are so many poor working people in this country has nothing to do with any sort of character flaw or laziness, but it has everything to do with people with more power being greedy and gaming the system.  As wealth continues to go up to the very few and the masses continue to become more impoverished.  The reality is the solution isn’t going to be a tax cuts for the rich and corporations.  That’s just a some wet dream of every frat boy. 

As the middle class vanishes there is only going to be one place to get government revenue and that is from the very top.  How can you get taxes from people so poor they can’t even afford food on their own?  The true taxation of the billionaires and corporations is the one check the government still has yet to implement again.  Corporate tax rates used to be 70% before Reagan.  Personal income taxes were as high as 90%+ around World War II for the very wealthy.  Current rates are less than half of that.  Why did we need such high rates?  Well the answer is simple because the same thing was going on then that is going on today.  People had figured out how to ensure at the end of the day that they ended up with all the money.  So government took the approach that was fine for some people to earn massive amounts of money, but they still needed to contribute by paying a lot of taxes to compensate for all the money they had completely drained out of society that made them very wealthy.  

So hopefully we are on the verge of an awakening i that we the American people do have the right to a society that functions on some level for everyone.  The more that the average American expresses him or herself at the polls and contacts representatives the more truly progressive our representatives and government will become.  

When people start spouting these Republican lies that tax breaks for the rich or corporations will “help the economy”.  We should collectively respond with a resounding “Fuck that idea”.  Its been a long time since American Corporations have taken care of their people/employees.  They have killed unions. They have killed pension plans.  Many try and avoid contributing to healthcare by having massive amounts of part-time workers.  They have done everything on their power to keep wages as low as possible. So basically they have greedily removed or reduced any expenses they could over many decades at the employee’s expense.  No wonder more and more Americans have become destitute.   And we are supposed to reward that will further savings through tax cuts?  Seriously, FUCK THAT IDEA, the average American worker has been fucked with and fucked over for a long time.  I do believe once again it is time for corporations and the wealthy to meaningfully contribute to pay for programs so the majority of Americans don’t have to live like we are in a 3rd world country.  I’m sure it is easy for Trump to sit on a gold toilet in his penthouse and call call other nations “shithole countries”.  But the reality is based on the way we treat our people we in fact are ‘that shithole country’.  That’s probably the most patriotic thing I can say at this point because it is the truth and sometimes people need to hear the actual truth. And yes, I do believe Americans deserve far better.  We need to get the money and lobbying out of American politics.  Too many people are just too greedy and can’t handle the temptation if it allows them to financially gain even if it comes at the expense of everyone else.  We need to support Congress term limits so we don’t have corruption that goes on for decades coming from the exact same people.  In many other countries politicians wouldn’t be rewarded with another term if they were up to all this self-serving they we be more likely awarded a prison term.  That’s the type of country The United States should be.    


by Chris Madsen