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Why DJT Can’t Borrow

A lot of press has been given lately to the billions of dollars in loans lent to Donald Trump by Deutsche Bank.  They were the only lender that would deal with him after his repeated bankruptcies.  Below is a timeline of events in chronological order that I believe are all interconnected and point toward a financially strapped and cash poor United States presidential candidate and then “president” willing to do anything, including treason, to personally and financially benefit from holding a high federal office.  

  • First off, Trump may not even be a billionaire he is for sure a confirmed multi-millionaire.  When Deutsche Bank reviewed his financials they only determined Trump’s total wealth to be $788 million around 2005.  So it is a lot safer to call Trump a millionaire or a multi-millionaire than a billionaire.  Trump is notoriously cash poor, always needing more financing and cash flow to stay afloat until a better real estate market returns.  He is notorious for not being able or willing to pay his bills.

  • After the financial collapse Trump had sued Deutsche Bank for himself not paying the bank.  After 2 years in court he agreed to pay them off by 2012.  Come December 2011, Trump wanted to borrow money from private banking at Deutsche Bank to pay off the investment banking division at Deutsche Bank.  At this point Donald Trump seems cash flow insolvent as he is unable to pay his obligations and taking out one loan to pay another loan at the same institution (this shows how truly limited his options were).  The cure for insolvency is either increase income, borrow more, or file bankruptcy for debt restructuring/relief. It appears to save face for both parties Deutsche Bank restructured this loan to him by issuing him the new loan to pay off the old loan.  Deutsche Bank would have been the laughing stock of Wall Street had Trump filed bankruptcy again.  The name “Trump” was already synonymous with “bankruptcy” for decades to most serious lenders.  Yet, Deutsche Bank continued to lend to Trump. 

  • A bipartisan Congress passed a bill that became known as The Magnitsky Act in 2012 and then President Obama signed it into law. It was designed to punish Russian officials for the murder of Sergei Magnitsky who had reported on corruption in the Russian government.  These are the “Russian Sanctions” that Trump has been trying to remove that prevent any Russian Bank from loaning him money.

  • As Trump was campaigning for president Deutsche Bank finally stopped lending to him in 2016.  They denied his request for a loan for a property in Scotland.  They didn’t want to have to risk having to sue a sitting US President for repayment if he defaulted.  So by running for President of The United States Trump ended up alienating the one western banking institution that was willing to work with him.  Deutsche Bank then tells its employees to not mention the name “Trump” to anyone outside of their bank to potentially help save their reputation.  Trump had essentially become too high profile and was already making political statements that could potentially cause a backlash to anyone associated with him.

  • Trump continued to work on a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.  This was to be the tallest building in the world.  They had gone as far as picking a location, an architect, and even secured Russian funding for the project.  The problem being the Magnitsky Act, or the Russian sanctions, prevented Trump from receiving Russian financing.  This whole project hinged on Russian sanctions being removed.  That also seemed to be Trump’s number one goal from when he entered the White House. As cash poor as Trump tends to be he probably needed another project/loan to give him an infusion of cash to stay afloat.  Like I mentioned earlier he had already scared off his only lender Deutsche Bank by running for President.  The Russian oligarchs would also benefit from having these sanctions removed.  So, there’s your quid pro quo. Putin dangled a carrot with “Trump Tower Moscow” written on it and Trump gladly went for it.  This is a project Trump had wanted to do for a long time. It sure seems Trump had already agreed to drop Russian sanctions so that he could secure Russian financing on a Trump Tower Moscow project. It is really simple, if he could remove Russian sanctions as president then he personally would profit and be guaranteed a project and a lender to supply him with a cash infusion.  The dropped sanctions would also benefit the Russian banks, the Russian oligarchs, and the Russian government.  That is why it was in Putin/Russia’s best interest to spend millions for such a large cyber disinformation campaign.  Evidence has come out that Russia ran a 24 hour disinformation troll lab.  It was well organized and people were paid to take shifts so the American trolling could be continuous around the clock.

  • So fast-forward to November 2016 and Trump loses the popular vote but wins the election with help from Russia’s troll farm.

  • In 2017 Donald Trump Jr. first lied to Congress about The Moscow Trump Tower deal ending in 2014 according to him long before the presidential campaign.  In reality that project was still in progress until 2016, the year of the election.

  • Then on June 21, 2018, Justice Kennedy unexpectedly announced his retirement from the Supreme Court.  Kennedy’s son had been one of the people making large loans to Trump at Deutsche Bank.  So with such close ties to a sitting president Justice Kennedy most likely would have had to recuse himself from anything involving Trump anyway. 

  • February 2019 Michael Cohen, Trump’s long time attorney/”fixer”  testified before Congress after having already cooperated with the Mueller Investigation and he admitted to committing crimes on behalf of Donald Trump.  Testimony was delayed once due to indirect threats coming from Trump.  He was threatened because he had cooperated with Mueller, pled guilty, and was no longer lying to help provide cover for Donald Trump, Trump’s family, and all of Trump’s shady associates.  At this point it is an all but confirmed fact that Donald Trump Jr. lied to Congress.


It has also become abundantly clear that Trump never wanted to actually win the election. He just wanted the free publicity to promote the Trump brand.  But as with most things Trump didn’t think it through and ended up winning by colluding with Russia and alienated his one remaining legal lender.  All of Donald Trump’s wealth could be gone if a RICO case is filed against him.  When someone like him has a series of bankruptcies it should be examined if he went into situations with the criminal intent to borrow, move money around, and then subsequently file bankruptcies.  If bankruptcy fraud can be proven then he still might owe all those previously discharged debts.  That amount probably far exceeds his person wealth at this point.  Trust me, no bank is going to help Trump dig out of that hole either. 


Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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