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Why Did Facebook Fail?

Check out this article over on the Verge, Facebook owes us an explanation  by

That’s a problem, he says, because Facebook has become one of the central means by which people communicate in the world today. He concludes, “What’s most alarming about Facebook’s hushed tones on its record outage is that the company was once known for its legendary obsession with uptime. I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg is furious about the outage, and that his engineers are paying for it right now. But if Facebook can’t even be honest and forthcoming with us on the most basic and urgent facts about its very existence, how can we trust it? How can anyone take it seriously?”

These are good questions. But you have to wonder if the only real answer is to make Facebook, and other social media giants, into tightly regulated utilities, whose behavior and performance will be closely reviewed for all time.