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Who Tried To CatFish Anti-Trumpers?

And it just keeps getting better. Politco is reporting that a British con artist, Steven Wessel, who is about to go to prison on a variety of charges, was employed by someone…no one knows who…to get information on anti-Trump Republicans. Apparently, he was given the job of “catfishing” Never-Trumpets and Republican operatives  in attempt to learn more about them, discover their motivations, and find their vulnerabilities.

Notes Politico, “Assuming a variety of fake online identities, including that of a female solicitor in England, Wessel gushed in emails, phone calls and Twitter messages about (made-up) extramarital affairs with the likes of the late Lee Atwater, showered marks with gift cards to the swanky Mandarin Oriental, and invited them to go pheasant-hunting in Scotland — all in an apparent attempt to glean more about the operatives and their intentions regarding Trump.”

The question is who put him up to it. The answer to that is unproven, but the smart money is on Trump supporters, and particularly the “Make America Great Again PAC, a now defunct pro-Trump super PAC that shut its doors after reports surfaced of possible improper coordination with the campaign.”

So, probably the PAC…

But who was behind the PAC?

Well, now…

Anybody checked with Moscow lately?