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Who Started The Norcal Electrical Fire?

Seems like the Norcal fire was the largest electrical fire I have ever heard of.  Must have heated up everyone’s wires at the same time until it all combusted.  That’s how a Kmart across an 8 lane highway could go up at the same time.  It was on same power grid.

It didn’t have to travel anywhere. It started everywhere there was electrical wire.  That’s why trees didn’t burn.  The houses that didn’t burn were either off-grid or maybe had safeguards installed that prevented overloading and a fire.

Melania’s red trees probably represent burning Christmas trees.  Cheap wire from China would catch fire first.

Paradise probably was trial run to see if it would actually work.  If the White House burnt down with everything Trump could have stayed down at the “Winter White House” and just played golf all the time, but he wasn’t allowed to go.

The entire electrical grid could be as vulnerable as Paradise’s grid was. So it could have been done by power company, or the lines could have been hacked by someone with an interest in starting fires and chaos.

By Chris Madsen