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Who Should Be Speaker Of The House?

By Chris Madsen

Honestly, the best answer I can give is it should be Nancy Pelosi.  She has the seniority and the experience needed.  However, with that said maybe someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with youth, ambition, and more progressive ideas on her side can get an office near Nancy with some on the job training on how to be an effective Democratic leader.  

Folks, Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to be here in 30 years to fix everything so it is time someone younger that has good ideas is given some training.  Also, you never know when Pelosi might get called up to a higher position and have to walk away from the Speaker of the House position.  It is like the mixing of old and new wine.  A better product is made through the combination.

The Speaker of the House could also be a non-member.  Someone like Barack Obama.  He’s been elected to 2 terms and served 8 years but constitutionally I believe he could serve 2 more years (for a total of ten years) if he was called up through the presidential chain of succession as Speaker of the House  (third in line to the American Presidency).

However, don’t just take my word for it.  Maybe someone could consult a constitutional law expert like Barack Obama that would actually know for sure. Last I knew come January coincidentally there’s only 2 years left on Trump’s term anyway…  If Barack Obama was either called up to be vice president or president we would still need someone with some experience as Speaker of the House and once again I think Nancy Pelosi would be good for the job.  Preferably a Nancy Pelosi that is mentoring a younger generation of more progressive democrats into leaders.

In the meantime can you imagine if Barack Obama gave a rebuttal to every time Trump spoke.  He would probably get even more attention than Trump himself.  I’m sure nothing would get under Trump’s skin more than Barack Obama stealing the lime light.

A Speaker of the House position could also potentially open up a way for someone like Obama to do some damage control with our allies.  If Barack Obama had any higher level American government position that could open up a better channel for communication for our allies with someone they already trust in the American Government.