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White Sycophants Wanted

William B. Turner

Okay, he has hired a few black sycophants. One, Omarosa Manigault, recently got fired. The other, Ben Carson, has been proving his loyalty to the Trump brand lately by funneling federal contracts to relatives. His bad luck that only the president gets to enrich his family members by hiring them for jobs in the administration.

But they’re both tokens. That’s how Republicans defend against observations of their obvious racism – hire a black person or two who is willing to shill for them.

Courtesy Diamond and Silk

In the main, however, the so called president has a clear preference for white sycophants.

Two stories circulating at the moment demonstrate the point, as if more evidence were wanted as he starts his second year in office.

Kelly Anne Conway, of “alternative facts” fame, has taken over the Office of National Drug Control Policy despite the complete lack of any relevant policy experience.  But she’s so good at lying for the president. That is the only qualification she needs. Reports indicate that she has frozen out the people who actually know something about policy and is relying exclusively on political appointees.

Second, a one person operation in Atlanta is currently under scrutiny for having failed badly in performing a contract to provide meals to hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded to her. FEMA, of course, is the same agency that earned infamy under the crony appointee of the previous Republican president.

Republicans hire cronies and sycophants and cause harm to the general public in the process.