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When The Rusty Teflon Don Goes Down

Mueller already took down a Teflon Don once.  I have no doubt that he can take this cheaper made version of a crime boss down as well.

One other difference is Trump isn’t nearly as smart.  This whole time while he’s been moving his tiny fingers to type on Twitter he has been giving Mueller more and more evidence.  That’s the whole reason Trumps attorney’s didn’t want him talking to Mueller.  He has no idea when to shut up.  His mouth just keeps going and going.  I get that he puts out more lies per minute than most people could even begin to wrap that heads around… but that is something only an amoral psychopath, like Trump, would actually be proud of.

I mean let’s face it if Donald Trump hadn’t inherited so much money he wouldn’t even be qualified to work at an EconoLodge.  Can you imagine his employee evaluation: constantly eats McDonalds, constantly lies, combative/rude to everyone, questionable personal appearance/hygiene…

To quote Kathy Griffin, “I can’t wait for the midterms to be over so some of these people can get indicted.”  For me personally it can’t happen soon enough.  We need someone that has some integrity watching out for the United States.  Not some puppet that does everything to benefit Putin/Russia.  I’m sure our founding fathers never intended for someone so criminally minded to con his way into the highest office with foreign assistance just to cause problems.  Unfortunately when the Republicans became the “Party of Trump” they became complicit with Trump as they effectively removed a check and balance that was put in place for everyone’s protection.  This “Crimson Congress” is just as guilty of treason as Trump is for trying to help cover up for him.  Bottom line they don’t care about anything else other than lining their own pockets.