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What’s On (or Under) Trump’s Scalp?

Frasier: All right, now let me do all the talking—oh, and if it looks like she has an orange Abyssinian on her head—don’t stare. That’s a wiglet.

            Fraiser: 5-6, “The Voyage of the Damned”

Ever wondered what’s under that horrible comb over? Well, okay. Us neither.

But, for the sake of historical record, we now know. Thanks to a helpful gust of wind, and an attentive cameraman (or woman), the Drumpfsters hair (what there is of it) got an upward lift as he boarded Air Force One. The result is on view, should you have the courage to view it.

Adam Gabbatt, writing in the Guardian, notes that at least one hair specialist, Dr. Alan Bauman, suspects that our Fearless Leader has had a bit of hair restoration surgery at some point along the line. Which is odd, because you’d think a litigious figure like our Orange Crumpet would have wanted his money back, and a few damages to boot.

But, whatever…here’s the footage. And remember. We warned you. As Strangervideo on Youtube puts it, you can’t unsee this.