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What’s Next for Mueller?

With the recent arrest of Roger Stone.  I can't help but wonder what or who is next in Mueller's sights?  I thought about it for a while and based on the most logical and methodical approach I could think of this is what I see is most likely to happen.

First off, I want to make one thing clear. I believe Mueller ALREADY has a sealed indictment against Donald Trump.  He is almost certainly "Individual 1" listed in previous federal court documents.  Currently the Department of Justice has taken the position they will not arrest a sitting president. This however is their policy and they are not required to always follow that (as policy can change).  In other words the president does not have a constitutional right to not be indicted or arrested.  It is at the discression of the Department of Justice.   
The next person in Mueller's sights is most likely Steve Bannon.  I have read numerous reports that the "high ranking Trump official" listed in the Roger Stone indictment is none other than Steve Bannon.  Steve Bannon might be the last Trump Campaign official that Mueller goes after before he starts going after members of the actual Trump Crime Family.  
Reportedly, Mueller is now working on investigating the National Riffle Association (NRA) and any illegal activity involving them and corrupt politicians.  These are most likely Republican politicians as they are the ones that overwhelmingly take money from the NRA (although a few Democrats do as well).  What is a huge concern is was the NRA potentially acting as an illegal conduit to direct Russian money to Crimson Congress members (Russia compromised politicians)?  While it is not illegal for a politician to take money from the NRA as long as it is disclosed.  Foreign money is not supposed to used to influence domestic campaigns or elections of anyone. It seems quite probably at this point the NRA was a pass-through for such funds and was specifically used to try and make it look like it was domestic campaign donations.  Donald Trump received around $30 million in campaign donations from Russia (via the NRA).  The real question is who knew exactly what, and when did they know it?  Because taking foreign money is a very clear campaign violation. Taking campaign money and selling political influence to a hostile foreign state such as Russia is treason from my viewpoint.   
I think after Bannon has been arrested. I think Donald Trump Jr. is most likely next with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in a close tie for second and third place. However, I also think it is quite possible Mueller will send  SWAT teams in to get all three at the same time.  Jared and Ivanka will most likely be together and Donald Trump, Jr. will likely be somewhere else.  All of these people have a lot of money at their immediate disposal and all of them, in my opinion, would be a flight risk as they could easily board a private plane or jet and head to another country.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Trump's have bought second or third passports from other countries. 
The beauty of taking out all of Trump's inner family circle together is it will probably send Donald Trump completely over the edge.  I could see Trump firing Mueller at that point and then having his own indictment unsealed as well.  That would cause all hell to break loose in Washington D.C. as congress might be forced to deal with impeachment at that point.
It will be interesting to watch Donald Trump squirm after his two oldest children and son-in-law are arrested.  At that point I believe Trump may also be willing to work out a deal with Mueller.  I'm not convinced Mueller will move fast on Trump as he already appears to have a sealed indictment against him.  If Trump were to be arrested chances are he would get a better lawyer than Rudy Giuliani and he would stop making public statements.  Right now every tweet and every public statement is just another opportunity for Trump to further implicate and incrimidate himself.  I think Mueller will continue to use the time to his advantage.  Trump will probably continue to further unravel once he knows that at any moment his presidency or even his personal freedom could be in jeopardy.  My guess is Mueller has more than enough to keep his team busy for months by investigating the NRA.  So he could hypothetically start taking out Crimson Congress members one by one if he needs to while leaving Trump dangling on the line.  I will admit it is a little hard to predict, but Mueller will wait for whenever he feels is the best time to strike.  It is quite possible after Mueller is done investigating the NRA and any Crimson Congress members that the Republican party will be virtually put out of existence or at least end up being a shell of what it used to be.  I believe this Russian money scandal could run very deep and might explain why a Republican leader like Mitch McConnell has done everything in his power to protect Trump.  It is very possible that when the Trumptanic does sink it will cause a huge amount of collateral damage to the Republican party and the NRA.  
I can't prove it but my instinct leads me to believe Melania Trump continued to spent months in New York after the election (and after Donald Trump moved to the White House) to help work out "the plan" with her Russian contacts.  She would have been under a lot less supervision or scrutiny in New York than inside the White House. However, I also wouldn't be surprised if she covered her tracks nicely.  She's smarter than her "Me barely speak the English " act.  
With all of that said, I also have very little doubt Trump may hang himself before he is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions.  He's over 70 years old and had NEVER ONCE had to actually deal with any consequences from his often criminal behavior.  I think he will chose to check out on his own terms rather than be forced to deal with the coming consequences and major public ridicule.