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What is Most Tragic? What is Most Absurd?

What is the most tragic about the death of John McCain? What is the most absurd?

Is it that McCain, that great American had to specify that he did not want Donald Trump at his funeral? That he had to bar that deplorable little man from his last moment on earth? And that, in the end, he was right to do so? (Though the pathos of that was balanced by the fact that he asked his friends, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, to speak at his funeral. There is a power in that…)

Or it is that when Trump did finally get around to noticing the death of a man so much greater than himself, he said a bare few words, and it was later reported than even though he was pressed by his staff and perhaps by his family, he refused to praise the life of a Great American, who had done so much for his country?

Or was it that a Fox News pastor decided to pay “tribute” to McCain, by comparing him to Trump? And hinting, or more than hinting, that Trump was the better man, and more beloved of God?

Or was it, as the Hill reported, that “Arizona GOP Senate candidate Kelli Ward suggested Saturday that the Friday statement issued by Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) family about ending medical treatment for brain cancer was intended to hurt her campaign.” He died, clearly, just to spite her.

Or was it that this man…this great human being…who could have done so much…

Found himself displaced …

By an orange-faced idiot…who was, in the end, unworthy of even John McCain’s profoundest contempt?

Yes, that is surely it.

For there are some, and Trump is one, for whom even the deepest distain of the honorable…

Is too good.