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What He Has Done To Us

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words…or many more. And this is one of those times.

We have an in-house cartoonist here. Or, maybe, “artist” is the word we should use—an artist with a wicked sense of humor, and a uncanny ability to capture human failings in a well-turned graphic. He calls himself “Fir Na Tine,” which means “man of fire” in Gaelic, if you’re interested in linguistic matters.

I started out today, in fact, to do an essay about what Trump has done to us over these last few months. I was going to use the above graphic, one of Fir Na Tine’s more recent and most powerful, to illustrate it.

But then, alas, I realized that nothing I could write could match the picture all by itself…the image of our flag ripped asunder, and bleeding, wounded by ignorance and arrogance.

So, I will not write the piece I intended. I shall, in the end, write nothing today.

I shall only post this image…this savage image… all too true.

And invite you to join me in hoping that, someday, sooner rather than later, wounds will be healed—cauterized—by a curing fire, full of rage, full of laughter, full of…