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What Happens if the Mueller Investigation takes out Trump and Pence?

Everyone is still waiting for the other shoe to drop in Washington D.C.   As so much could happen in the coming weeks.  Republicans could choose a new Senate Majority Leader that would allow a vote to reopen the government.  A house committee could declare Trump unfit (which is the perfect word to describe Trump).  Pence could be unqualified to serve as President if he participated in the Russian treason or helped cover it up after swearing an allegiance to the United States Constitution.

So what happens then?  Well the simple answer is The Majority Speaker of the House (currently Nancy Pelosi) would the be the next in line.  Then an acting vice president picked by the new president who would have to be approved by congress.

However the answer is also “it depends”.  If the Democrats in the House stand united in an agreement it would be possible for Nancy Pelosi to step aside or resign.  They could then vote and appoint anyone they chose to be the Majority Speaker of the House.  It could be another elected Representative or even a non-member of the house.  I have suggested before someone like Barack Obama may be necessary to help clean up the mess created by Trump.  He could still serve 2 more years as President according to the constitution.  They could literally pick anyone eligible that they think would do the best job (assuming they could agree).

They could even put Hillary Clinton in that position.  Whether everyone likes Hillary Clinton or not that fact remains “her emails” were nothing compared to Trump’s outright treason.  I have to say there would be some definate poetic justice in putting her in that position.  I’m sure she still has some neatly pressed pant suits hanging in her closet. It has become increasingly clear that she would have been the President had there not been Russian interference and treason among the Trump administration.  If Hillary served those 2 remaining years she could still be elected as President 2 more times and serve a total of up to 10 years (if that is what she and the nation wanted).

So I guess it comes down to does Nancy Pelosi want the extreme responsibility of being president?  Or is she willing to step aside (even if only temporarily) to allow someone else that she and a majority of Democrats in the House think is best suited for the job and help guide the country?  Nancy could always be re-elected as speaker of the House.  I don’t doubt Pelosi’s abilities at all; however, in an extreme situation it may be worth noting and exploring any and ALL possibilities.

This really does begs the question, “Who is best able to effectively manage this extreme situation?”