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What Affects You?

by Michele Gabriel

President Trump’s recent statement that he got the majority of the women’s vote in the 2016 election has people wondering if he flat out lied or if he really thinks 52% of the white woman votes are the only women votes that matter.

I, myself, have no idea why he said it. He’s a pathological, compulsive liar so there’s a good chance he said it simply because he can. He’s also shown himself to be a racist, so it is entirely possible he doesn’t actually include non-whites as votes, at all. Either way, that combined with the knowledge that I know a lot of white women who voted for him, had me perplexed. He’s clearly not an advocate for women, so why did so many women vote for him? He’s offensive in every possible way. He’s demeaning. He’s condescending. He is predatory. He’s the physical being of every creepy guy who has ever leered in my direction.

Then I read somewhere that white women voted for Trump based on what affected them and ignored what offended them. Except, here’s the thing, those two things are not mutually exclusive. What offends you DOES affect you. And what you think affects you is largely based on gaslighting, which should offend you.

Trump’s entire platform was based on hate. That should have offended us all enough for him not to get elected, but he twisted that hate into perceived issues. He told you that Muslims are terrorists and he was going to ban them from our country. He told you illegal immigrants were taking your jobs, wasting our tax dollars and committing violent crime in every city in America. He told you the existing government was robbing you blind and causing you to get nowhere financially. He told you the left were socialists who wanted to average out the country’s wealth, give your hard earned funds to the lazy, non-working brown people. He took every thought that keeps you up at night and found someone to blame. Then, he told you he’d fix it.

Muslims = terrorists. Mexicans = rapists. Immigrants = higher taxes. Women = weaker sex. Any one of these things separately, should have brought pause to humanity. Combined, the offense should have prevented him from being elected. If you buy into the first three sentiments, you are a bigot. I’m sorry, but you are. If you view people, as a group, as one negative trait without considering their humanity and you believe you are better than they are and more worthy of America, you’re a bigot. It is the very definition of bigot.

Yes, there have been Muslim terrorist attacks. There have also been white Christian terrorist attacks in this country. The majority of rapes are not perpetrated by Mexicans and most of the Mexican people living in this country are not criminals. We’re all a product of immigration. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, and it needs to be solved, but contrary to popular belief illegal immigrants make up a very, very small portion of utilized benefits, and most of that is at the State level. So tell me how exactly these issues are PERSONALLY affecting you? Has an illegal immigrant taken your job? Has a Mexican somehow wronged you? How has our freedoms caused a detriment to you?

Most of the things our President harped on “fixing” aren’t actual problems. Sure, we could use more aggressive vetting in some areas. But a $33 billion wall, plus maintenance costs? We can’t even afford to fix the bridges in this country, and we’re going to maintain a wall along the border? How is that better than feeding hungry kids, regardless of immigration status? How is that human? Banning people from certain countries because of their religious beliefs? Sorry, but that is no different than school segregation based on color. It is racist.

Repealing DACA won’t save this country money. It will cost it billions of dollars in tax revenue. It will cost our economy much more in lost economic growth. Mostly, it will cost us dearly in our standing with the world when it comes to humanitarian values.

The real problem with America today is the rich and powerful think they’re the most worthy. Low wages, poorly funded education, lack of healthcare. None of these issues are stemming from immigrants, the poor, or women. In a country of our wealth, there is no excuse for people to be homeless, hungry, and without proper healthcare. But the wealthy make sure we keep blaming each other while they’re robbing us all blind.

The issues do affect you, but not in the way our President sold it. It will cost us all dearly. Make America Great Again? You know what made America great? Our freedom and humanity. Our unification. Our ability to be resilient and make it through the tough times together.

Now we’ve sold our collective soul to a man who is a physical embodiment of the real problem in this country. His bankruptcies, his refusal to pay for services, his lack of empathy, his lack of humanity, his GREED….we’ve all been paying for it through taxes, higher interest rates, unemployment tax, etc. Social programs aren’t what ruined this country. Greed is. So much greed that we think the only way to get ahead is to literally take the food out of someone else’s mouth.

The promise of being more “rich” by stepping on those we find less worthy of our freedoms. I hope you’re paying attention, because you’re still being stepped on and the top tier is getting heavier and bolder. The rich are getting richer, our constitution is being dismantled (with the exception of the 2nd amendment), of course, undermining our Democracy, and we’re handing our freedom and humanity over to a foreign dictator.  If Trump doesn’t offend you, you’re not paying attention or you’re a bigot. If he does offend you, it does affect you. This affects all of us.

Make America great again by being a decent human being. Please.