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“Wellspring of Life”

The Trump administration has officially announced they will be doing a casting couch call for a “League of American Girls” reality TV show starring America’s favorite pussy-grabbing President Donald J. Trump.  Only the most “American” girls will be chosen.  They promise twice the pussy grabbing of any Miss Teen USA pageant, EVER.  Wink, wink… (think Iranian, Yazidi, or Slovenian trash looking, the term Aryan just ain’t what it used to be).

Just as the married German SS officers had no problem breeding young “German-looking” girls in their Lebensborn program, the Trump administration should have no problem convincing or ordering his group of loyal white nationalist to rape and breed all “American” looking women.  Trump insisted as long as it is “for nation” we can’t go wrong.  Step one of the plan, the broad sweeping abortion controls, has already been set in place across the country over the last several weeks.  An internal memo in the White House was found mentioning only with a proper infanticide program for all darker babies will the “wellspring of life” program truly be successful.  

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked,  “If that won’t just create more ‘poor mouths to feed’?” she then insisted, “More ‘white’ poor mouths to feed were inherently superior than any more ‘brown’ poor mouths to feed.”  

Remember folks, the #1 goal of Lebensborn program was to increase the white birthrate. The #1 goal of large scale abortion controls currently being put in place across Amerikkka is to increase the white birthrate by legislating it and removing it from a woman’s own choice.  Nazis only outlawed Aryan abortions.  Non-Aryan abortions were encouraged.  Is there even a difference anymore between Nazi Germany and Amerikkka anymore?  Or better yet is there even a difference anymore between satire and reality?  In my mind the line has officially become too blurred to recognize anymore.  I can’t talk or think about one without thinking of the counterpart. 



Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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