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We Were Right (Alas)

So the other day, we prophesied that there would soon be Las Vegas “Truthers” attempting to recast the massacre in that city as some kind of conspiracy “on the left.”

We were right. Already, various websites are crowded with those who claim the shootings didn’t really happen and that the dead and dying were just actors playing roles. (Apparently Youtube was particularly hard hit on this score.)

Meanwhile, Alex (“Infowars”) Jones is open to the idea that people might have actually died, but said that the mass killings were part of a “false flag” operation launched by “Deep State Democrats” who intend to spark a new civil war. And, along very similar lines, Rightists of various sorts announced that the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a liberal, an anti-Trump fanatic, a fan of Rachel Maddow, and a member of MoveOn.org. Oh, and to top it off, he’d been seen wearing a pink pussy hat at some rally or another.

None of it was true, of course. All of it was fake…all of it nonsense. But it will be believed, by the intellectually limited, and the sad, and the deranged…

And we predicted it all.

But we also asked, in that original article of ours, that those who are on the Right, and particularly at the NRA, deal with this. We asked that they, and the NRA uniquely so, stand up, and act like a responsible organization…

We asked that they address their followers and say, “This is not real. This is not good. Abandon these fantasies. To claim that this horrible event was a hoax… or the work of the Illuminati or whoever…does not advance our cause, and all too easily could provoke still more violence.”

That is what we asked.

Will they do so? Will they, and particularly the officers of the NRA, show genuine leadership in this regard?

We hope so.

But, frankly, we are not holding our breath.