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We Must Defend Amazon

You read that right. We have to defend Amazon with all our strength.

Why? Well, go have a look at a recent article in the New York Times, Michelle Goldberg’s The Autocrats’ Playbook. She makes a fascinating argument, which is almost certainly on the money.

Here’s the deal: dictators hate free expression and criticism. Trump would love to be a dictator, and thinks he is one already. And it is more or less obvious that The Washington Post newspaper is one of the most anti-Trump papers in existence, so he hates it.

That much we know. We also know that lately he’s been attacking Amazon, the book and everything-else online retailer.

So what? Well, Amazon is owned by one Mr. Jeff Bezos.

He also owns…wait for it…the Washington Post.

In short, by attacking Amazon, Trump is actually going after the Post, and the free press in general. Which means…heaven help us…we’ve got to protect Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

In a word, ouch.

Still, if Bezos is a member of the vastly wealthy elite, at least he’s a progressive member of the vastly wealthy elite.

What was the line? He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of bitch? Well, time to take it to heart, and do what we can.