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Washington Measles Source?

We now over 100 cases of measles reported in the United States. But has anyone looked into the actual source of the Washington state measles outbreak?


I fully understand people are getting it because they aren’t vaccinated.  However, it still had to arrive in Washington state somehow.  Did someone with it in Canada walk or drive across the border with it?  Did it arrive accidentally? Or…could it have been more nefarious? Did Russia send someone on a plane infected with it on vacation in the United States?

More and more information has been coming out how the same Russian bots that helped elect Trump have also fueled the vaccine debate to use as a wedge issue in the United States.  Trying to determine the actual source will let us know if bioterrorism is at play or not.

If bioterrorism is at play, this may have just been a test.  Maybe one infected person was sent into the country to see what sort of chaos it might cause.  The next campaign could be a much larger attack.