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Warrior Canine Connection Kicked Out Of Offices?

Ready to be furious? Okay, here we go.

Warrior Canine Connection is a program that pairs returning Vets, who may be suffering from PTSD, with service dogs. The program has a proven track record of helping men and women who’ve served their country, and who may have been through hell in the process.

But, The Hill is now reporting that the organization has been ordered to vacate its offices in two D.C.-area military facilities. According to the Hill, the group was given no explanation and no warning. It was just told to get out.

As of press time, no further details were available. However, if readers wish to support Warrior Canine Connection, they can donate at the organization’s web page. And if they should wish to question the arbitrary closing of its offices, they might consider tweeting the Department of Defense at @DeptofDefense.