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Wait? Did we win the Senate, too?

Okay, everyone. The election is over and the pundits, particularly conservative liars-for-hire are going on about how we lost it because we didn’t get the Senate. Just the House. Gosh. What a disappointment.

But, wait. Is that entirely true? It is admittedly so that we didn’t gain any seats in the Senate, and that the Republicans actually gained some. But it isn’t as simple as that. Writing in the Daily Sound and Fury, the commentator NWTerriD notes the actual numbers tell a rather different story. In Correcting the Record: Democrats won both the House and Senate elections tonight, NWTerriD says that in fact 42 million Democrats voted in Senate races around the country. Only 22 million Republicans did so.

Why then did Republicans “win” the Senate? Well, says NWTerriD, there were relatively few seats held by the GOP that were up for re-election. So it wasn’t that hard to keep control of the Senate and even gain a seat or two. And, second, the races that were open were so gerrymandered that winning them was almost impossible.

So, what does it all mean? Simply that the Republican defeat at the polls was even more significant than it seems.

Let’s carry on the tradition right to 2020.