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The Fastest Way to Get Trump Out

I have started to think about what is the fastest way to actually get Trump out?  Most developed nations in the world would have already allowed the people to have a no confidence vote to remove someone as damaging and incompetent as Trump already. There was doubt before Trump even took office if we would ever as a nation be able to actually pay that much debt back.   Since gaining power Trump has done everything in his power to run this country into the ground.  

All Trump has managed to do is shut down the government, transfer more wealth to the already wealthy, add trillions to the public’s debt while rambling on about his delusional and imaginary “need” to build a wall.  

I realize while we as Americans do not have a right to a recall vote (or a vote of no confidence) of the President YET, but we do need to start voting with our dollars.  Your most powerful vote of no confidence can be cast at any bank across the country.  Simply ask for a cash withdrawal.  If asked why you want to withdraw cash simply tell the teller or bank manager that you have lack of faith in the current American Banking System, especially now that Trump has shut down the American Government and unnecessarily added trillions to our national debt.  Insist you want to get your hands on some cash while you still can.

Is there anyone out there in the entire planet that thinks this that adding trillions of dollars of debt to a country teetering on financial bankruptcy is a good idea?

Your vote may not have been heard especially if you lived in certain states intent on voter suppression in the 2016 election and the 2018 midterm election, but trust me your vote will not go unnoticed at the bank.  If you don’t believe me call your local bank and ask how much cash you can withdraw without making a prior arrangement?  Then ask how long it takes to make an arrangement to withdraw more than that limit?  You are not required to give your name or information, but you can let them know you are a depositor at the bank.

The Federal Government already has the banks on life support. By some estimates even if as few as 10 million people withdrew as little as $25,000 cash each and tucked it away then there would be $0 in hard cash currency circulating across the entire American economy.  Trust me this is a vote that will not go unnoticed.  This might be the final push the Crimson Senate needs to vote to help end this national disaster that is the Trump administration.

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