Vote With Your Phones!

Vote With Your Phones!

Wall Street

Marc Keyser, Author of TheResistance.Blog

President Trump is a dictator out to destroy Democracy in America and the Republicans in Congress are in league with him. Trump is not a legitimate President. He conspired with the Russians to rig the election. That’s called treason!

Plus, Trump supporters are laying the groundwork to fire the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, and stop the Trump-Russia investigation. That’s called obstruction! And we must stop it!

Therefore, we must force Congress to impeach President Trump… or invoke the 25th Amendment, and put this traitor on trial for treason. How do we manage that? Well, consider the massive economic axis formerly called Bank America-Merrill Lynch, but now (a distinction without a difference) Merrill Edge, the result of a recent name change.

But, whatever you call it, Merrill Edge/Bank of America/Merrill Lynch is enormous, the classic “too-big-to-fail” financial services corporation. It also owns a large share of members of Congress. Ergo, Congress can’t afford to let it fail and face a financial meltdown on Wall Street.

So, we:

  1. Take our money out of Merrill Edge/ Bank of America.
  2. Demonstrate in front of the nearest office.
  3. Join the Mass Phone Protest. Call Merrill Edge and complain.  A million protesters calling all day every day is enough to crash their communications, and wreak havoc on their business.
  4. Mob their websites, crash their servers, boycott their business until the protest spreads and depositors and investors want their money back.
  5. Social network, spread the word around the globe: Boycott Merrill Edge
  6. Make the Phone Protest news. Then, make that news trend, go viral, and go global. Merrill Edge is in most major cities around the world, and activists everywhere can join in calling.
  7. Create a crisis of consumer confidence among depositors and investors.
  8. The Republican Controlled Congress will protect the Mueller investigation; or they will watch Bank America/Merrill Edge go under and face a financial catastrophe.

This Mass Phone Protest could be among our most important tools in the struggle against Trump and his plutocrats. It is non-violent and cannot be broken up by police intervention, but it is potent. When we weaponize our smartphones we have the world’s most effective means of non-cooperation with the arrogance of those in power. We can shut down Bank of America and nail Congress to the wall.

So, act now! Throw Bank America under the bus and Congress will meet our demands… or they will face an economic meltdown on Wall Street.

Marc Keyser is an activist and writer living in Freso, CA. He is the editor of The Resistance.Blog.