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Vote while it’s still an option!

So basically Donald Trump is Satan, ok a Nazi, but pretty much the same fucking thing.

All this repeat of the Cold War is no fucking accident either.  Trump is probably just signalling to Putin that all of our troops are going to be located near Mexico doing nothing.  So Putin will know when we are the weakest.  By the way what happened to Putin’s visit to the White House right now?  Or was that just a confirmation of a date?

Finland investigating whether the Russians bought an island in Europe to use as a military base? Putin thinking about setting up a military base in Cuba?  Any of this sound normal to anyone?  And why are US/Cuban relations so strained?  Because Cuba let the Russians poison people at the US Embassy?  Or maybe they didn’t know.

If I was the Europeans I sure as hell wouldn’t let the Americans guard the border.   They could open the gates for Russia to Europe while America gets crippled by an attack while all our troops are off chasing nonsense…

Part of Trumps job as Satan is tell you everything he is going to do before he does it. He already said America should have a “President for life”.  It’s clear he wants to be that President.

So vote before Trump does something like when Hitler set Paraliment on fire. So that he could demand “more power” over the people as “the protector”.

Does anybody even God damn read this?  I’m getting really tired about writing about this shit and no one is listening or doing anything.  Like they are expecting Russia to just go away on its own?  Russians think in zero sum terms.  Someone has to lose in order for them to win.

By the way did it set off any red flags when the first bimbo of the US speaks better Russian than English?  Putin has no trouble understanding her and I’m always trying to figure out what that Slovenian whore was just trying to say?  It’s a real mystery…

The US is closer to a USSR style collapse due to a bloated military budget and major ideological differences than anyone is actually willing to admit.

Chris Madsen