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VOTE: The New Alignment In America

There is an interesting article on the CNN website at the moment, and it provides yet more reasons to vote while you can. In It’s not a blue wave. It’s a realignment of American politics, Ronald Brownstein argues that the Democrats may or may not gain enough seats to take back the House and/or the Senate this year. But, even so, something vital is happening. Specifically, we are seeing the formation of a Liberal, anti-Trump block, based mostly in the cities, that will oppose the pro-Trump block that came about in the 2016 election.

He notes, “The longer-term implication is that this election now seems highly likely to widen the trench between a Democratic Party that increasingly controls the major metropolitan areas largely skeptical of Trump and a GOP whose dominance is barely dented in the rural and exurban areas where he remains strong.”

The bad news is that this means if the Democrats want to gain control the House, they are going to have to win at least some votes in those rural areas where Trump remains strong. He says, “Even if they [Democrats] do reach a majority next week, its likely the Democratic hold on the House will be precarious and very slim unless they can also capture a respectable number of the small-town and blue-collar seats now considered toss-ups.”

So, if you value your country, and want to thwart American fascism, you need to vote…particularly if you are not in a Blue area. Every vote in a Red State will be extra valuable.

But, don’t think your vote isn’t helpful if you live in a Blue State or one of the metro areas that Democrats are increasingly calling their own. Your vote, and your support, will help solidify the great liberal, anti-Trump block that Brownstein sees coming into being. And that new block is younger, more affluent, and better educated than is the average in GOP strongholds.

Or, to be it another, that block is the future.

And you have a chance to shape that future.