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Vote! Send A Message To The Right!

I really want to encourage everyone to vote.  Whom you vote for is your decision, but please make an informed decision. I clearly believe this society would function better if our “representatives” truly were more “representative” of the people.

The one incredibly important message that your vote sends to the extreme group that calls themselves the “moral majority” on the far, far right is that their views don’t actually represent the values of most Americans.  Your “average American” doesn’t wake up with a desire to hate someone based on some random demographic factor, whether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, ect…  Your average America is busy trying to get ready for school or work and whatever else they need to do to live decent lives.

If people refuse to take the time to vote then what has been an ongoing national nightmare for 2 years will continue to happen. The far, far right is neither all that “moral” nor a “majority.”  What they are in actuality is a group of people that have a very extreme agenda and excellent voter turn out. So if there is one thing everyone to the left of the far, far right can learn it is to show up and make sure your vote is cast. Let’s be clear people to the left of the far, far right really is a true majority in this country.  I also believe that group to have more morality than the far, far right. Your vote lets the world know that we as Americans don’t believe in separating mothers from young children just so someone can turn a profit.  We as Americans don’t believe institutionalizing hatred and discrimination in the government is good policy.  We as Americans also in general believe in a fair wage for an honest day’s work.  We as Americans also realize we fortunately still do currently have some choices and part of having choices means we do not eliminate choices for other people. Whether that something is right or wrong for us as an individual. Removing other people’s choices is not a step towards freedom but is a step towards giving government more control than it realistically needs.

Caged rats don’t normally fight each other.  However if they are put into an environment with extremely limited resources they will then fight, kill, and eat each other in an effort to survive. If you believe the other rats that you have been put in with are the problem, then you are missing the larger picture of why have you and all the rats been put in such an environment with such scarce resources?   Look around I can only speak for what I have observed, and I see other people struggling more and more to meet basic needs in this country.  What are you seeing?  

America has plenty of resources however due to the choices our government has made the people in the bottom 80% of population have been left to fight over less and less resources every year. It’s time to cast your vote along with millions of other Americans to act as one voice that we have finally had ENOUGH of what has been going on as financial inequality has risen in this country to new heights.


Chris Madsen