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VOTE: Don’t Listen To The Naysayers!

We aren’t far, now, from Election Day. In just a few more days, we will have our best chance of stopping Trump before 2020. But, let’s confess, it’s hard to stay optimistic. Already, the media is saying that the GOP is rebounding, and that the blue flood is being reduced to a blue trickle, or worse, a big red bust. I’ve seen those stories online, in newspapers, in magazines…pretty much everywhere.

But, frankly, I’m not buying it. And I don’t think you should, either. It sounds an awful lot like disinformation to me—that is, a deliberate effort on the part of the Right to demoralize the Left. It is an old established technique. If you convince your rivals that the contest is already over, well, they stop trying to win. If the voters can be convinced that the election is already won and lost, then they stop voting.

And I want you to share my doubt. I want you to get off Facebook, stop reading the news, stop reading the conservative dominated press, and just …vote! Vote like you know it is your civic duty! Vote like you know you are doing your best to save your country. Vote like you’re not hearing those people who tell you that we just aren’t going to win. Vote like you are hearing your children and your children’s children…

Who are telling you, as loudly as they can, that now is the time to do battle…to save them…to save our future…

And their present.