“The voodoo ain't gonna pay!”

“The voodoo ain’t gonna pay!”

By Burton Gretzinger

Okay, first the Republicans outright admitted that “Tax Reform” had to pass or their donors would simply go away (taking their checkbooks with them).

To make their needless ‘wealthfare’ tax reform policy palatable to the masses, they gave it a catchy name: “Tax Reform and Jobs Act” (or some such misnomer BS). There are no provisions within the legislation to create jobs. They simply assume that companies– flush with cash from massive tax cuts– will benevolently create new jobs (and, therefore, new tax revenue). Probably none of the people behind this ever heard of that thing about counting chickens before they’re hatched. “Conservatives” and ‘Trickle Down” voodoo economists are famous for lacking that fundamental bit of reality.

Anyway: now they’re shying away from passing an actual budget. Pretty obvious that they know they have no known income to base one on. They just gave away 1.5 Trillion dollars to people who don’t need it. And now they’re wondering whether they should pay for this thing, somehow. They very obviously know that the voodoo ain’t gonna pay for this thing. Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan (the House Speaker) is champing at the bit to finally unleash his granny-starving agenda to offset this needless mortal wound our “fast-tracking” Republican “fiscal hawks” inflicted on the American economy. Paul Ryan’s hopes are sure to be dashed, however, as this little thing called “mid-term elections” looms on the horizon. The vast majority of Americans are massively pissed about this needless tax fiasco. The economy was dong fine, no stimulus was needed. Everyone knows that.

But wait! AT&T announced a $1000.00 bonus for all 200,000 of its employees after this idiot bill passed. Surely, that’s a good sign, yes? Not really. This will cost AT&T 200 million dollars. And that creates exactly 0 jobs. Worse: AT&T announced they’re laying off thousands of people about 15 minutes after they announced the “Bonus” they’ll pay out. There are no net benefits from this. Fewer jobs, actually. Those getting pink-slips will last an extra 10 days with that bonus before they file for unemployment. Hallelujah.

An “economic stimulus” bill like this piece of dung is exactly the definition of why you don’t fix something that ain’t broken: unnecessary repairs consistently break something that wasn’t broken before the repair. Any mechanic, technician or surgeon will attest to that. Now we have a new source of debt for no viable reason. Fucking brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

And now these idiots can’t put together a goddam budget. They’ve painted themselves into a toxic corner with dysfunctional paint with this stupidity. They are SO screwed in the midterms– and probably beyond. Can’t say I shed a tear on this. Stupid is as stupid does.