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Vienna Or Bust!

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Giuliani planned to fly to Vienna a day after arrested associates.

 According to the article, Rudy Giuliani had lunch at Trump International Hotel, D.C. with two Russians that were then later arrested for illegal campaign donations at the Dulles Airport both with one way tickets to Vienna.  Giuliani was supposed to also fly to Vienna the next day.  Trump also claimed to not know these Russians but there is at least one picture online of Trump with both of the arrested Russians.

Vienna and it’s many fine dining restaurants seems to be a favorite meeting place for Vladimir Putin and some of the other Russian Oligarchs.  Over the last several years Vienna has come up multiple times from an illegal dinner discussion pertaining to dropping Russian sanctions and as a place Putin suggested for a Trump-Putin summit.

It makes me wonder if they were tipped off about some possible sealed indictments and were trying to flee for that reason?  I also wonder if Rudy Giuliani still is in possession of his U.S. passport?