Video: The Real Immigrants - Liberal Resistance

Video: The Real Immigrants

Trump and his creatures would have you believe that all immigrants, including legal ones, are a threat to America. Hispanic immigrants are a particular hobby horse for them.

Instagram stars Richard and Tess ( won’t stand for any of that nonsense. Here is one of their latest videos. Look at these decent, hardworking people, they say, and you’ll not see any threats among them.

Watch the video. It says a lot that ought to be said.



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Lets focus on reality for a second because trump’s insanity has got the world thinking we are fools for following a fool. Here we have the demographic trump has chosen to target and demonize. These here are special men and women because of their unyielding determination to provide not for themselves but their family. Migrating for thousands of miles in the blistering sun to work countless hours in the blistering sun. They ask for nothing from you but work-work that no American will ever do. They are not welfare seekers like the idiot with orange hair wants to make you believe-people that work like this aren’t lazy. They wont rape your/our women. When working 12 to 15 hours a day, at times with no breaks, the last thing on your mind is sex. So please wake up and smell the coffee these men and women are not your enemy. The real enemy of the People is trump. I for one feel more threatened by a racist, crazy, far-right republican with his truck full of guns and hate in his heart than an over-worked, heat-exhausted Mexican national with severe back problems and his box full of strawberries. I know you see the truth yet for some odd reason you still follow trump. You say you are not a racist, you say you aren’t a bigot…well then prove it! Vote blue, Lord knows demonizing good people for the sake of political advancement is not very Christian of you. Choose wisely because when the time comes God will judge you for the evil that you do and their is nothing more evil than following a fool that brings out the worst in you! @msnbc @foxnews @cnnpolitics @telemundo #reality #facts #politics #democrats #republicans #conservatives #christianvalues #truth #immigration #caravan #caravana #mexicanworkers #pickers #americanpickers #americandream #familyvalues #trumplies #dumptrump #politica #america #usa #jobs #workers #dogood #god #judgementday #godswatchingyou #wakeupamerica #letyourconsciencebeyourguide #followgodnottrump

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