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USA: The Stupid or Mind Controlled?

I’m still trying to figure this one out…

Are 40% of Americans really that stupid that they would constantly vote against their own interests?  Or have 40% just been that sucessfully mind controlled?

Either way it isn’t good, but to move forward maybe we need to know what the problem is?  Maybe 4G can only mind control so much of the population.  Maybe it’s not effective enough on everyone yet so the government needs to roll out a much stronger 5G.

The US Government program MKUltra was designed to alter people’s mental states to control behavior.  I guess the US Government didn’t know what to do with all the Nazi scientists that were brought over with Operation Paperclip after WWII and assigned new identities, so they decided to work on mind control programs to use on the American public.  Maybe that’s why Facebook is always limiting and controlling the kind of content its users are “allowed” to see.  Maybe the Borg is really in control of that many people already through a simple cellphone interface and electromagnetic waves.  Just think of all the dopamine rushes everyone gets from all the bells and alerts constantly going off like a slot machine.

So like I said I’m actually not for sure what that problem is?  On the other hand, maybe we just need a give people in the US a better education and teach everyone good enough critical thinking skills that people will be smart enough to be able to figure what is in their own best interests (all on their own)?



Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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