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U.S. Losing Friends and Allies

What’s Trump’s effect on American power around the world? Highly negative. Check out this piece in Foreign Policy News: US lost important military allies in the Middle East , “Two major NATO allies, Germany and France, turned their backs on the United States. Berlin and Paris refused to form a coalition against Iran and send their ships to the Persian Gulf. According to experts, the refusal of the Europeans won’t affect the US military plans, but it will be the starting point for the revival of Europe as an independent center of power.”

The article goes on to add: “Recently, the NATO bloc has ceased to be homogeneous and continues to split. In case of emergency, NATO won’t act as a single organization.Thus, the aggressive US policy towards Iran worsens the situation in the Middle East region. In an extreme case, the outcome of the global military clash, which Washington so runs into, is possible. European countries are aware of this and are trying to stay away from this conflict, while their relations with the United States are deteriorating sharply. If the escalation of the conflict continues, Washington will remain without the support of its Western allies..”