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Trumptanic Hits Ukrainian Berg

The Titanic was probably doomed to failed from its inception, with its fatal design flaws.  All logic went out the window as soon as people convinced themselves it was “unsinkable”.  Hence, the lack of necessary life ships and the lack of emergency training.  What could go wrong? We already convinced ourselves and others it is “unsinkable”.  Unsinkable and still yet to even cross the Atlantic Ocean even once.

I see the Titanic as an excellent metaphor for the Trump administration and presidency.  Time tested standard policy, decorum, and procedure were just thrown out the window apparently with all logic.  All the “great” and “amazing” things were just supposed to magically happen with no real thought or effort put behind them.  There was nothing new or innovative about this process either.  All the incompetent and self-motivated fascist corporate swamp creatures began drilling into and compromising the hull as soon as they were installed with no regard for anyone else’s welfare.

The Trumptanic has already hit its iceberg at 21 knots.  And it was a massive Ukrainian iceberg connected to a much larger Russia lurking beneath the water.  The critical event has already happened.  Trump got caught red-handed asking a foreign government to help him win a re-election. He wouldn’t have asked for foreign help if he thought he could win re-election on his own merits. 

In Watergate, the critical even wasn’t when Nixon resigned but when people became aware of the break in where 5 people were arrested at the DNC’s office and everyone started asking questions.  Not much has changed Republicans still have that exact same cheat-to-win strategy like their orange mascot. 45’s not technically a lame duck because his predecessor hasn’t been named, but it’s pretty clear he’s not going to maintain any meaningful political power for long.  I think his dreams of “president for life” have faded with all his other ill-conceived, scattered, and often manic thoughts involving granduose plans that would magically all fall together while he’s out golfing.  He’s at least a heavily wounded duck at this point: a mentally ill, deranged, slow and lost wounded duck.  

While I don’t want to call it too early because anytime a fascist corporate led coup tries to take over a nation, all MUST continue to resist until the last has also been uninstalled from government head posts (and replaced by those with some decency) and necessary changes made.  I think the writing is already on the wall: the Ukrainel scandal will sink Trump along with the other incoming scandals as more of his taxes are exposed.  The first reports of his taxes show numerous “inconsistencies”.  Trump hasn’t resigned or been forced out yet, but he’s already hit the iceberg, damaged the hull, and the critical set of events is actively in play.  I get the feeling Melania Trump has already started packing her babushkas.  The bright side is there finally seems to be an end in sight to the Trump regime.  Even as recently as a few months ago there was no end in sight, so at least things are improving, even if only slowly. 

The fascists will continue to try and fatigue the public into submission by continuing to try to rape, pillage, and privatize all parts of the government for their personal gains, but like I said the critical collision, the Ukraine scandal, has already happened.  The final round seems to be already set in motion and there seems to be plenty of people already surfacing on the sidelines throwing flags and blowing their whistles loudly calling ‘foul’.   We do seem to be in a final stage where 45 will be forced out. Whether that is by time or by Congress forcing him out has just yet to be fully determined.  

However, before this circus ends, I would like to see Melania pick up a microphone and start yelling at the American people in her real voice in Russian as she’s escorted off stage in handcuffs.  That might be the first real glimpse of Melania Trump the world has ever seen.  




Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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