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Trumpsters Want to Kill Anyone, Anywhere

From the “Building Terminators” file…

Andrew Rudalevige, the Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government at Bowdoin College, has a truly fascinating (and terrifying) column in The Washington Post this week. In Here’s why the Trump administration may actually want Congress to pass a new authorization for military force he looks at the Orange Administrator’s current attempt to get Congress to rewrite the Authorization For The Use Of Military Force, or AUMF as it’s known to its friends.

AUMF was the legislation passed by Congress in 2001 that basically yielded considerable war-making power (even more than before, which is saying something) to the President of the United States. The idea was the POTUS needed those powers to pursue and destroy Osama Bin Laden and his diseased disciples.

Well, maybe the AUMF of POTUS was a good idea, or maybe it wasn’t. But what isn’t clear, says Rudalevige, is where its limits may be—both in space and time. It isn’t clear, for instance, if AUMF was meant to give an administration the right to wage war with any perceived enemy of the USA in any location, nor whether it hasn’t actually come to the end of its legal life.

So, the Drumpfters now seek a revision of AUMF …pretty much giving the Administration the right to wage war with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. No strings attached, in other words.

Oh, and the super-charged AUMF they want would also give them the right to decide who was and wasn’t an enemy…even, maybe, extending to American citizens, who may have done nothing more than (for example) say some unpleasant things about the Orange Clown in (say)


If you hear loud noises, sounding rather like a B 52 strike, from the general area of our offices in the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area…

You’ll know why.