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Trumpsters Destroying IRS

Coming under the general heading of “Oh…f*cking…hell” we learn today that the Drumspters seem to be dismantling the IRS.

In a disturbing piece in Politico, The IRS Is Building a Safe to Hold Trump’s Tax Returns, Michael Grunwald interviews retiring IRS commissioner John Koskinen. Koskinen reveals (sort of between the lines) the lengths to which the current administration and its billionaire backers are willing to go to hamstring the IRS.

A consummation greatly to be wished? Not really, because it seems the kleptocracy’s goal is not so much the elimination of taxes for everybody—the middle class gets to keep right on paying ‘em—as it is to cripple the state’s power to collect money from the very rich, or even just monitor what they’re doing. The Drumpf policy toward the IRS seems, in other words, part of a larger plan to slowly strangle government in general—or, at least, those parts of the government which in any fashion stand in the way of a full fledged plutocracy.

So, everyone, be ready. The day may come when we regard April 15 with deep nostalgia, and a titanic sense of loss.