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Trumpsters Censor Climate Change

From the Those-Meat-Headed-Idiots File…

In Reveal News, Elizabeth Shogren writes that “National Park Service officials have deleted every mention of humans’ role in causing climate change in drafts of a long-awaited report on sea level rise and storm surge, contradicting Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s vow to Congress that his department is not censoring science.”

Yes, folks, it seems that the Trump administration…that illicit and illegitimate joint venture between Vladimir Putin and the Koch Brothers…has set out to close down any report that, yes, climate change is happening, and people are certainly responsible for it.

And, of course, we needn’t mention that many of the billionaires around Trump are out of the fossil fuel industry. Which means that, yes, they stand to personally gain from the suppression of the truth.

Of course, there’s the rub. The truth doesn’t care whether you call it “junk science,” or “fake news.” It just keeps on being true.

Meaning that, one of these days, when the ice caps melt, and Mar-a-logo is underwater…

Even the rich will discover they can’t buy safety from the storm.