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Trumpster Spends $Milllions On PR

Politico is reporting that Seema Verma, the Trump-ster who is supposed to be in charge of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare has been spending big money on a series 0f GOP-linked consultants to make her look good. The publication notes that she has “…quietly directed millions of taxpayer dollars in contracts to Republican communications consultants during her tenure atop the agency — including hiring one well-connected GOP media adviser to bolster her public profile.”

These millions of dollars in federal funds have nothing to do with the woman actually doing her job, of course, and still less with improving the health of Americans. The money is being spent entirely to polish her image in the press and with the public in general.

And thus, once more we see that the “fiscal conservatives,” who say they are “libertarians,” and claim to be the very antithesis of “tax and spend liberals,” are happy to tax and spend…

So long as the spending is entirely on themselves.