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Trumpster At HHS A Tinfoil Hatter

Here’s a goodie. It seems that Donald Trump appointed a certain Jon Cordova to be the principal deputy assistant secretary for administration at the Department of Health and Human Services. It was a pretty darn important spot that Mr. Cordova filled…making all sorts of decisions about who gets hired to do what.

You may have noticed the past tense in the sentence—“filled.” That’s because Cordova was placed on leave after it was discovered that he was a major whack job who posted all sorts of conspiracy theory nonsense to the web. Among other things, he said that Khizr Khan, the father of Army Captain Humayun Khan, was secretly a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s also said that Ted Cruz regularly sleeps with prostitutes…kinda ironic given the Trumperster’s own bedroom antics.

But the really scary thing? This guy got fired…er, make that “was placed on leave”…because he shot his mouth off in public (or at least on the web). But you have to wonder, how many more of Trump’s appointments are also batshit crazy, but just happen to be quieter about it?