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Trump’s Tax Returns NOW!

Trump has been steadfastly refusing to provide his tax returns to the American public. Instead, he has offered financial disclosures, which show that he does, indeed, have a whole lot of money.

Or do they? CNN recently ran an interesting article that asked that very question. In Here’s proof that Donald Trump’s claim about financial disclosures being superior to tax returns is false,  Chris Cillizza explains that Trump’s so-called disclosures are actually worse than useless. They reveal what might be Trump’s gross profit, but not his expenses. And, of course, even if you earn $1,000,000 a day, but have to pay out $1,000,001 a day, you’re not rich. You’re deep in debt.

And so, says Cillizza, we still have no idea if Trump is really rich, or just fakes it well.