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Trump’s Policy: A Stick and A Scream

Wondering if there is a method to Trump’s foreign policy madness? Well, wonder no more. The Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg’s got the lowdown. There is a method…and it’s damn dumb.

In A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch, Goldberg explains what’s going on in 45’s tiny little mind. He sees himself as the absolute leader of a nation that can do anything it wants. If anyone gets in the way, well, roll right over them.

This attitude can be basically summed up as “We’re America, Bitch,” and Goldberg goes on to say, “’We’re America, Bitch is not only a characterologically accurate collective self-appraisal—the gangster fronting, the casual misogyny, the insupportable confidence—but it is also perfectly Rorschachian. To Trump’s followers, ‘We’re America, Bitch’ could be understood as a middle finger directed at a cold and unfair world, one that no longer respects American power and privilege. To much of the world, however, and certainly to most practitioners of foreign and national-security policy, ‘We’re America, Bitch’ would be understood as self-isolating, and self-sabotaging.”

Which is, of course, perfectly true. It is self-destructive. But that’s never stopped 45 before.

So, increasingly, the question is, what’s going to be left of America’s foreign policy when Trump goes? Probably nothing, and it will take us years to rebuilt even a tiny part of our reputation and influence.

And all because of a man who is the anti-Teddy Roosevelt. He carries a small stick, and screams his brains out…