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Trump’s on Defense

This is my subjective opinion; Trump seems to have officially lost his offensive position.  We spent the last 2 years with him rambling on like the incoherent psychopath that he is, all while him being held accountable for nothing because Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.  I’ve even personally seen a schizophrenic speak in strange sentence fragments, like Trump does all the time, in an attempt to confuse and manipulate people.  Maybe, that’s why Trump creeps me out so much because I’ve seen the behavior before.  Or it could be just the fact that he is a “Grade A” creep.  That’s probably the only “A” Trump actually earned in his entire life.  


Trump now seems to be standing under a very likely potential avalanche of legal investigations with an already lighted dynamite stick in his hand.  So, it seems now more of a question of ‘when’ that avalanche will happen rather than ‘if’ it will happen.  Asking questions like “Did Trump break the law?” or “Did Trump commit a crime?” is kind of like asking, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”  Of course, he did and of course a bear does…


Prior to the Democrats regaining the House of Representatives, Trump was never going to release his taxes to anyone.  Now with a formal request having already been made Trump’s going to have to play an active defense to keep his taxes out of Congress’s hands.  Up until now Mueller’s report wasn’t finished so it posed little immediate threat.  Now, Trump is once again going to have to play an active defense to keep the full report out of Congress’s and the public’s hands.  These may seem like insignificant nuances to some people, but I believe this helps demonstrate that in the overall picture a power shift has occurred.  


So, what I think we have been looking at over the last several months is Trump having moved from playing his bullshit used car salesman offense to now a more defensive role to try and save some face.  The good thing about that is whether it will be congressional committee members or judges putting him under the microscope, neither will be impressed or confused by the lies and random word salad that constantly comes out of his mouth.  Don’t get me wrong, this shift is a major step in the right direction for American democracy as it will be very difficult for him to “win” or “score points” when he is locked into a more reactive and defensive position.  

With Trump, we also seem to be nearing that point in every good mobster movie where he will go from playing golf several times a week to him instantly needing a wheelchair or walker, maybe even an oxygen machine for added dramatic effect.  His lawyers will insist he needs a 24 hour a day nurse to assist him with his ‘declining functioning’ while his lawyers also argue it is “inhumane” to put an old and sickly man on trial.